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I'm writing this mail for two point:

First, you mail have read that a new version of the GNU General Public
License (the GPLv3) has been released. Because all Casetta softwares are
under the GPL, version 2 or any later version, we may think about a
change to the new version.

What's interesting in the new license for the casetta project? Mainly
the part for fighting software patents. Casetta work with Casio
hardware, and Casio must own a lot of patents about its calculators.
It's possible that Casetta doesn't respect some Casio patents (there is
no threat from Casio for the moment, but... :-) ).

The project is hosted in an European country, and softwares patents are
not valid in the European Union. But some users or developers who live
in countries like USA may have some problems with softwares patents.

The GPLv3 doesn't solve all patents problems, but fight exclusive patent
licenses. If some people have the right to use some patents from Casio,
they must give this right to all casetta users to use casetta softwares.

I think that softwares patents must be fight, and that GPLv3 is a good
improvement for free softwares. I'm ready to change the Casetta license
to the GPLv3.

But I'll do it only if all developers of Casetta agree with this
changes. So, Asher256 and Xion345, some pieces of code are from you.
What do you think about this change?


The second point is about the name of casetta_gtk. The first version of
the gui for casetta was named casetta-gtk, but the "-" character is not
welcome in python module names. The current version is named
casetta_gtk, but the "_" characters is not allowed in Debian packages
names, so Asher256 have named the ubuntu package casetta-gtk.

I think those names are ugly, are problematic for packaging, so I want
to change the name of the gui. It may be called Casetta YourNameHere, to
show that YourNameHere is a part of the Casetta project without keep
Casetta in its name.

Because I'll release Casetta 0.3 soon, I think it may be great if the
name can be change before. But I've a problem to do it: I need a new name!

So... if you have a nice and sexy name for Casetta_gtk, you know what
you have to do!

Thesa ~ Florian Birée
e-mail : florian@xxxxxxxxxx
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