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Hello everybody,

I worked on various raw data types and succeeded in including support for some of them in casetta. Even if, I couldn't include full support for Graph Functions, G-Mem... I gathered some information about them which can be found in the wiki : http://casetta.tuxfamily.org/formats/raw . (all useful information is here)

I mainly modified data.py (create new classes + added a __len__ method to filedata class) cas.py (build_header,get_format*,fill_meta_data) devices_serial.py ( modified receive_data to support data of len 0 ( l 367 ) , modified default_status to support data_len of 1 ( l 62 ) to avoid a ZeroDivion error). I added some errors to be raised when giving a bad matrix or a bad number or a bad list.

What is done up to now (When I write send I mean, send/modify/change, that's FULL support, and bugfree... Ya, ***almost*** ;-):
 - Variables -> Send/Receive
 Maybe it is necessary to add a class for a file Variable
- Matrices  -> Send/Receive
- Equation Matrices -> Send Receive (Not heavily tested)
- List -> Send/Receive
- List File -> Send/Receive
- F-Mem -> Send/Receive (Not heavily tested)

- G-Mem -> Nothing (But some information in the wiki)
- Graph Func -> Partial receive (no send at all). I don't completely understand the metadata string GR BL SLD YBL NSGT BL NS...

- Understand the header of graph function (not easy) + Add this type in build_header + complete fill_metadata
- Understand & Implement G-Mem (very hard)

- Add support for recursion function (fast and easy, after we understood graph functions)
- Add support for variables describing start/end of the table (transferred when selecting Y=Data) (fast & easy)
- Create File Objects (like FileList) for View-window / Y=Data / Equation (containing two equation matrices) (fast & easy)

Some bugs to correct for version 0.3 :

- cas.py : 241-253 if data == 'program' then you have elif data == 'program'  so this is not useful. (Already mentioned to Thesa on Jabber)
- catdic.p 241 (la ligne maudite ?) 'Yype' Isn't it 'Type' ?

I added comments intended to other developers beginning by Xion345 / Some bugs are mentioned by FIXME. Sorry, if some print used for debug are not commented

PS : I will not answer to your mails before end of July because I'm in holidays !
Fabien ANDRE aka Xion345
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