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Hello everybody,

I'm happy to announce that the new serial transfer tool integrated in casetta is now in the svn repository. This transfer tool can fully replace cafix (bug you always can use cafix) and has several advantages:
* Should work on any OS (only tested on GNU/Linux)
* No need to make a symbolic link as root like in cafix
* Support of the base option and passwords for programs
* Support of sending backups
* Support of pictures in send/receive
* Support of mono and colour screen captures
This transfer tool (and so casetta) depend now of PySerial ( http://pyserial.sf.net/ - package python-serial on ubuntu - Windows users need to install win32all).

Your tests and feedbacks are welcomes! To try it, update your copy of the repository (using svn up) or get a copy (using svn co svn://http://svn.tuxfamily.org/svnroot/casetta/casetta). I recommend to *not* install (just download) this version if you have already one installed: casetta_gtk is broken and will not start (it'll be fixed later).
To try the new transfer tool, use casetta in command like using something like:
$ export PYTHONPATH="/path/to/the/svn/repository/"
$ cd casetta_cli
$ # Receive something from the calculator:
$ ./casetta_cli.py casio my_output_file.newcat
$ # Send somthing to the calculator:
$ ./casetta_cli.py my_file.newcat casio

If you've already used casetta in command line, you must replace the casio keyword by something like "0 serial", where 0 is your port number (may also be a path) and serial the new transfer tool identifier. To make this settings as default, use the -d option. By example, you can use a command like:
$ ./casetta_cli.py -d 0 serial my_output_file.newcat

I hope this tool will make your life easier,

Thesa ~ Florian Birée
e-mail : florian.biree@xxxxxxxxx
Messagerie Instantanée Jabber/XMPP/Google Talk : florian.biree@xxxxxxxxx
Site web et blog : http://filyb.info/

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