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If there are no objections, I want to release 5.1.10 sometime soon. I might want to try my hand at fixing the TTF glyph size issue before then and see if the OSX retina support is okay enough to add (see https://github.com/liballeg/allegro5/compare/5.1...SiegeLord:osx_retina for the wip changes), but otherwise I think it looks like a solid release (especially since it'll be the first one in awhile to have Windows binaries). Here is a draft changes list:

Changes from 5.1.9 to 5.1.10 (May 2015)

The main developers this time were: SiegeLord, Elias Pschernig, Trent Gamblin,


  - Add `al_set_mouse_wheel_precision` and `al_get_mouse_wheel_precision`.


  - Added `al_transform_coordinates_3d`.

  - Added `al_build_camera_transform`.

  - Make the projection transform a bitmap local state. This removes
`al_set_projection_transform` and `al_get_projection_transform`, and replaces
	them with `al_use_projection_transform` and
	`al_get_current_projection_transform` with similar semantics to the regular

OSX port:

  - Improved joystick axis layouts on Mac OS X, and added support for some
    dpards (Max Savenkov).

X11 port:

  - Fix some memory leaks (ElectricSolstice).

  - Make the XInput2 check more accurate (we require a specific version).

Windows port:

  - Remove taskbar hiding on Windows.

  - Fix high precision mice on Windows.

  - Fix some D3D conflicts with the OpenGL backend.

  - Remove the prohibition of building OpenGL-only DLLs.

  - Added LRESULT argument to WindowProc callback, fixing
    `al_win_add_window_callback` for some event types (Aaron Bolyard).

Android port:

  - Fix some memory leaks.

  - Make it possible to specify the Android target during building.

iOS port:

  - Add an XCode project to help build Allegro when CMake support fails.

  - Restore the CMake support.

  - Makes the examples run on the iOS simulator out of the box.

  - Various small fixes (Trent Gamblin, jmasterx).

- Remove `al_iphone_get_last_shake_time` and a`l_iphone_get_battery_level`.

  - Hack around iOS not creating mipmaps (jmasterx).

  - If the supported orientation is `ALLEGRO_DISPLAY_ORIENTATION_UNKNOWN`,
    default to supporting all orientations.

  - Get Cosmic Protector to compile again.

Build system:

- Revamp the detection of DirectX dependencies. Now it should work out of the
    box for at least MSVC and mingw-w64.

  - Fix GDIPlus finding script (pkrcel).

  - Bump the minimum version of CMake to 2.8.5.


- Many documentation improvements, as always (special thanks to Polybios).

- Make the PDF output prettier with better fonts and an up-to-date version

- Make the Javascript search for online documentation support partial matches.

  - Make [section] links work in HTML.

- Allow the docs to have more than 1024 entries (Allegro is getting huge!).


  - Make the test driver a little more resistant to failure.

  - Various fixes to the experimental SDL backend.

  - Update the CONTRIBUTORS.txt.

Audio addon:

  - Fix deadlock when destroying an audio stream soon after its creation.

  - Add VOC file support (pkrcel).

  - Disable processing of the XM zero-speed event.

- Disable processing of module loop points if `ALLEGRO_PLAYMODE_ONCE` is set.

  - Fix a buffer overflow bug.

Image addon:

  - Fix loading of indexed + transparent PNGs with the libpng backend.

Dialog addon:

  - Fix some style issues with the Windows file dialog.

  - Fix a bug with multiple filenames with the Windows file dialog.

- Change the semantics of the patterns in `al_create_native_file_dialog` to support future expansion of the patterns to support both AND and OR style

- Make the GTK file selection dialog look like it's from 2004 (as opposed to

TTF addon:

  - Fix some warnings.


  - New examples: ex_camera.


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