Re: [AD] Simplify al_convert_bitmap

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On 08/14/2014 10:47 AM, Elias Pschernig wrote:
You could have renamed the flags and format members, so in case you
missed any direct access it would give an error now, forcing all
platforms to get fixed :)

Yeah, I thought about it and thought that it was too much work... that is until today when I noticed several spots where I didn't change things... so I've made this renaming.

I also previously wanted to make sub-bitmaps a separate type, that is... make ALLEGRO_BITMAP have only sub-bitmap related fields (notably not flags and format) and create an _ALLEGRO_REAL_BITMAP to have the rest of them, and then have ALLEGRO_BITMAP as the first field so that we could still refer to everything as a ALLEGRO_BITMAP*. That seemed like too much work for relatively little benefit (it'd make sub-bitmaps somewhat cheaper memory-wise and really make it so you can't screw up this flag/format inheritance).


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