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It's been pretty quiet.  I haven't been paying much attention to Allegro
for a few months myself.

I think we got the shader API sorted out earlier this year.  It would be
a shame to hold that from a stable release while waiting on other less
important features.  So:

iOS support is all good, right?

Android support is a bit iffy (the build system) but usable?  There's
still a lot of TODOs in the readme, but I assume at least some of it is
out of date.

Touch input API is fine?  How is it on Windows?

Matthew seemed to consider the menu API still unfinished,
but it's close, right?

The recording API looks okay to me.  I'm conflicted whether it should be
there but it's no real objection.  That's always the case.

Vertex and index buffers?

I'm not happy with the video API, and not willing to work on it now.

Haptic API was just started.

To release 5.2.0 without much more effort, I'd push video and haptics
into 5.3 and try to finalise the rest.


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