Re: [AD] File system watcher API

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On Wed, 4 Jan 2012 09:37:34 -0300
David Capello <davidcapello@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Is there someone working in a "file system watcher" API for Allegro 5?
> For Windows we could use this the ReadDirectoryChangesW function:
> If no body is working on it, I could write the API and the Windows
> implementation. Should this be part of the library or an addon?
> Does physfs support this?

In Linux this is very easy to do with inotify:

I'm using it to detect changes in the config file of a game's server.
So I can see how this may be related to games. I think it would
be better as an addon - even though it would be a very small addon and
with no extra dependencies. But it can easily be an addon so
no reason to add it to the core library.

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