[AD] shader addon questions

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I tried documenting the shader addon a bit but there's a few things
I've been wondering about.

1. What does al_set_shader do? Shouldn't al_use_shader be enough?

2. what is the difference between these three functions?


Looking at the OpenGL source code they all just seem to call
glVertexAttrib so shouldn't we just have an al_set_vertex_attribute
function instead?

3. al_set_shader_float_vector

If I understood correctly, this either sets an *array of floats* if
elem_size is 1 or alternatively an *array of float vectors* if
elem_size is 2, 3 or 4. So the name is misleading. My suggestion would
be to rename it to al_set_shader_float_array (since
al_set_shader_array_of_float_vectors would be a bit long).

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