Re: [AD] Windows keyboard fixes, two patches

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On 04.07.2011 16:11, torhu wrote:
On 04.07.2011 14:51, Elias Pschernig wrote:
 On Sat, Jul 2, 2011 at 8:26 PM, torhu<torhu.lists@xxxxxxxxxx>   wrote:

  numpad.diff - New system for mapping extended keys.  Mainly for getting the
  same keycode for numpad keys independently of the state of Num Lock.

  modifiers.diff -  More reliable updating of the toggle modifiers.

  Tested on Windows 7, seems to work just fine.  Is this okay to check in?

 I don't have Windows myself, but both patches look good to me. Are
 there any possible troubles, like under Windows XP?

Should be fine, I just tested on my old computer with XP and a PS/2

Ok, checked in both. There are some more minor changes that could be done. Can I just check that in, or should I post patches for review?

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