[AD] Small patch fixing Windows icon setting

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This is a repeat. I sent it from the wrong address so I guess it goes to
someone to filter. I'm resending it so that it goes through now.


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Subject: Small patch fixing Windows icon setting
From:    trent@xxxxxxxxxx
Date:    Wed, July 20, 2011 4:59 pm
To:      alleg-developers@xxxxxxxxxx

I think it was Peter who wrote the mouse/cursor stuff (on Windows
specifically) but I want to ask whoever did it if this patch is ok. All it
does is add a "resize" boolean to the _al_win_create_icon internal
function which tells the function not to look up the "proper" size for the
icon (when it does it's assuming it's a cursor) but uses the passed in
image size instead. This fixes the bug I mentioned a while back about the
titlebar icon on Windows being too small. Here's the patch.

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