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Trying again with a compressed diff file...

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From: Diego <deldie@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 2010/5/16
Subject: PSP patch
To: alleg-developers@xxxxxxxxxx

I've upgraded the PSP version of Allegro to the new build tool and added/updated drivers.
The graphics, system, digi, keyboard, mouse, joystick and timer drivers are implemented and are fully functional.
It supports 8, 15, 16 and 32 bpp color depths and a max. resolution of 480x272 pixels.

Only the jpgalleg and the loadpng addons are supported. For the allegrogl addon I think a new driver is needed, isn't?

The logg addon is not supported because it seems the PSP vorbisfile don't have the OV_CALLBACKS_DEFAULT symbol.
The logg/CMakeLists.txt script don't detect this and an error is produced when the logg library is in the building process (make).

I've noticed that the SVN repository contains the very first version of Allegro PSP and is very incomplete.
This updated version works very well, some games have been ported using this Allegro port.



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