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Just was trying to use the audio stream functions. Should we do the
following renaming?

al_create_stream(buffer_count -> al_create_stream(fragment_count
al_get_stream_buffer -> al_get_stream_fragment
al_set_stream_buffer -> al_set_stream_fragment

It seems to be me that is what is meant. Also:

al_get_stream_used_fragments -> al_get_available_stream_fragments

The word "used" in there really didn't tell me anything.

I'm also wondering about the parameter order in cases like this:

al_attach_stream_to_mixer(mixer, stream)

Wouldn't al_attach_stream_to_mixer(stream, mixer), i.e. the same
parameter order as in the function name, make more sense?

Elias Pschernig <elias@xxxxxxxxxx>

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