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On Wed, 2009-05-13 at 14:12 -0700, Ron Novy wrote:
> Elias Pschernig wrote:
> >No idea. If we would use int64_t everywhere, it again would just always
> >work with no need to ever cast anything. But I guess I'm missing
> >something, there must be a reason e.g. libc also is using such types.
> Why not create an al_size_t that is uint64_t by default and then when 
> necessary for a specific platform you can change al_size_t to 32-bit...
> Just a suggestion...

But why not use 64 bit *only* when it is absolutely required, on all
paltforms? Then we can use int64_t at those places (also on 32-bit, as
we must) and use just plain old int everywhere else?

Elias Pschernig <elias@xxxxxxxxxx>

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