Re: [AD] grabdeps infinite recursion

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On 2008-01-14, Thomas Fjellstrom <tfjellstrom@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Mon January 14 2008, Peter Wang wrote:
> > Hi, from a fresh checkout of 4.9 I get infinite recursion
> > in
> It's not infinite here, just deep. Is it really infinite for you? Does it lock 
> up?

I think I know why it didn't fail for you.  I didn't pass any options to
configure, and on a 32-bit machine it still enables asm by default.
The problem occurs on:

% ./misc/ src/i386/iblit16.s
Deep recursion on subroutine "main::grab_deps" at ./misc/ line 41, <> line 745.

If asm is disabled then iblit16.s is not scanned so make depend


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