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It has been a rough month for allegro 4.3.10plus branch and since there wasn't any official TODO or a plan and commit messages are hard to follow, I'm reporting now what I've done there.

I've done everything I planned to do.


There are 4 addons currently there: AllegroGL, loadpng, jpgalleg and logg. From Allegro side, adding addons is fairly easy. Just mention them in a few places in makefiles and document them in docs/src/addons._tx. From addons' side it can be a bit complicated because their build system must be instructed to find allegro libs and headers two dirs above. Next, it has to follow Allegro's build options like DEBUGMODE, STATICLINK, ALLEGRO_USE_CYGWIN and what not... It resulted in extensive modification of build systems which will eventually make the process of updating an addon lib to a never version, a somewhat complicated adventure. Configuring, building and installing addons is fairly easy. On unix, configure script checks for all the required deps and enables the addon. It can be disabled explicitly. On non-unix systems the one has to set ALLEGRO_ADDON_NAME env. variable prior to running make.

Open issues (I don't intend to fix):
- On unix, "make uninstall" will completely remove addons, while it leaves allegro's shared-libs. I.e. there is no uninstall-shared target for addons. - On unix, you need to run AllegroGL's configure script manually if you want to pass it any non-default options.


I added a new demo game, Skater. The old demo was renamed to Shooter and everything has moved to the "demos" dir. The Skater demo can be built with AllegroGL support. On unix, if AllegrGL addon is enabled, two versions of Skater are built: skater and skater_agl binaries. On other systems, just one version is built, depending on AllegroGL addon being built.

Open Issues (I don't intend to fix):
- Skater doesn't have an icon. :)


Added a new function draw_sprite_ex(), see the docs if you don't know what it does. On all systems, everything is built as if ALLEGRO_USE_C was defined. ASM version is not supported any more. This broke watcom build, probably.
   All the fixes from 4.2 branch have been ported, I hope.

Open issues (I don't intend to fix):
- The zipup.sh script won't distclean addons. It is because it doesn't actually call "make distclean", but it parses makefile.lst... Should be fine if you call "make distclean" yourself or, even better, use a fresh SVN chouck out.
- MSVC project files - missing, broken, both, I don't know.
- Should dump AGL's version number to 0.4.4. OK that's easy (even though I have to do it manually on like 10 places because there is no fixver.sh script for this and I don't know perl, regex or whatever is needed). - Everything should be tested. I did test it on linux, msvc, mingw and djgpp, but still.
- There were some more, but I can't remember now.

So is there something else? Can it be released? When? How?

Milan Mimica

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