[AD] ald_s_crt?

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Anyone know whether obj/msvc/ald_s_crt is supposed to exist?  It looks
like a typo to me, as obj/msvc/alld_s_crt so exists and I can't find any
reference to ald_s_crt.

It was added as part of this commit:

r7625 (orig r7577):  tjaden | 2006-11-26 12:13:58 +1100
Changed paths:
  M  /mirror/allegro/allegro/branches/4.2/makefile.vc
  A  /mirror/allegro/allegro/branches/4.2/obj/msvc/ald_s_crt
  A  /mirror/allegro/allegro/branches/4.2/obj/msvc/alld_crt
  A  /mirror/allegro/allegro/branches/4.2/obj/msvc/alleg_crt
  A  /mirror/allegro/allegro/branches/4.2/obj/msvc/alleg_s_crt
  A  /mirror/allegro/allegro/branches/4.2/obj/msvc/allp_crt
  A  /mirror/allegro/allegro/branches/4.2/obj/msvc/allp_s_crt

Matthew Leverton gave the STATICRUNTIME builds of MSVC new names by appending
_crt (c run time) to the libraries. He also fixed the problem of incorrectly
setting the EMBED_MANIFEST variable when using the STATICRUNTIME.


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