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Attached is a shell script that wraps around gcc in OS X to create
universal binaries. It's main purpose is to work with generic UNIX
makefiles. It may create binaries that have better support with older
versions of OS X, although I cannot verify that it is still the case.
(Judging by the output of "otool -L", they appear to be the same, but
I don't know if that's a valid conclusion.) The script only handles
the simplest of scenarios, but it's good enough to build Allegro and
every other 3rd party library I've had to compile to work with

So to be clear: There's nothing wrong with Allegro's current universal
build process, other than it might not be achieving maximum backward

As I cannot confirm if either approach produces better binaries than
the other, I don't really care which way Allegro uses. But even if the
patch isn't applied, it wouldn't hurt to include the script for use
with 3rd party libraries.

Matthew Leverton

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