Re: [AD] STATICRUNTIME makefile patch for MSVC

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On 2006-09-02, Matthew Leverton <meffer@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The attached patch gives the STATICRUNTIME builds of MSVC new names by
> appending _crt (c run time) to the libraries. In addition it fixes the
> problem of incorrectly setting the EMBED_MANIFEST variable when using
> the STATICRUNTIME. This is most useful for when using MSVC 8 to deploy
> your applications. While the STATICRUNTIME technically provides six
> targets, the only practical one is the static version
> (alleg_s_crt.lib).
> Note that this patch requires six new folders to be present in obj/msvc:
> alld_crt
> ald_s_crt
> alleg_crt
> alleg_s_crt
> allp_crt
> allp_s_crt
> When I initially proposed the new names for the STATICRUNTIME, Evert
> suggested that some sort of "dirs" target be created to handle them.

Committed it with the new directories as suggested.


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