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iMac:/tmp/4.2 peterhull$ find . -name "*.c" |xargs grep -n file_size[^_]
./src/dos/gripjoy.c:639:   size = file_size(name);
./src/file.c:777:long file_size(AL_CONST char *filename)
./src/misc/vbeaf.c:721:      size = file_size(filename);
./tests/afinfo.c:302:   size = file_size(filename);
./tools/macosx/fixbundle.c:305:   buffer = malloc(size = file_size(filename));
I think these are the only ones (grep returned some more hits that
weren't relevant.)


On 9/3/06, Evert Glebbeek <eglebbk@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Tuesday 29 August 2006 22:30, Evert Glebbeek wrote:
> I'm leaving version number updates and SVN tags until the end. My aim for
> release is sunday september 3, so please try to test before then.

I will wait for some more news on Peter's packfile compression patch (has
anyone tested this yet? I have to admit that sadly I haven't yet), the
problems reported by Andrei with pack_fopen_chunk, Matthew's MSVC 8 patch
and the OS X fixbundle problems discussed on (which are essentially

I've seen that there are a few cases of complaints about file_size() being
deprecated while compiling (the fixbundle one is fixed, but I think I saw
a few more); while this doesn't break anything it looks a bit sloppy. I'm
not in a hurry to fix these, but if someone has some time to kill it'd be
nice to get these out of the way.

Once the above have been dealt with, I'll squeeze in a release later in the


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