Re: [AD] Allegro 4.2.1 stress test

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please stress test these! I won't release them publicly until it's
confirmed to compile normally on all platforms*, to prevent a repeat of
the `Allegro 4.2.0 doesn't work on DJGPP!' disaster.

I was able to build the following on XP using the cmd shell:

* bcc32
* mingw
* msvc 6.0
* msvc 7.0
* msvc 7.1

Plus these packages
* chmdocs
* htmldocs
* misc
* rtfdocs
* textdocs

I didn't actually test any of them, but they appeared to be of appropriate size.

However, the MSVC 8 script failed, but I haven't looked into why yet.
It could just be because a patch I sent a while ago only was partially
applied and the follow-up discussion has always died. I'll start a new
thread regarding that after I have resolved the issue.

Matthew Leverton

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