Re: [AD] MSG_IDLE in grabber and menus

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> Ok, patch attached. The 2nd patch just adds the 2 missing d_yield_proc
> entries to grabber. Thr 3rd adds clarifications to the docs, and while I
> was add it, also fixed the next line after d_yield_proc which looked
> wrong in HTML, and updated some related xrefs..

Thanks.  And of course I realized while reading your patch that the scanning 
approach will not work under Windows, because of the way object addresses 
are exported through the DLL mechanism... oh um.

We could add yet another kludge to work around that, but this would add more 
fragility on top of something already fragile, so let's give up this veeeery 
brilliant idea of mine ;-)

So I'm going to rescue the few relevant bits of your 1st and 3rd patches, 
apply them and go sleeping.  In the meantime, you can apply the patch for 
the grabber to mainline and branch.

Eric Botcazou

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