Re: [AD] Line clipping bug found

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At 02:49 PM 8/01/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>I have found a problem with line clipping in WIP
>4.1.12.  Some code to demonstrate:
BTW maybe it would be wise to make an ATP set? Allegro already has
plenty of tests, but they're not automatically run after build, are
they? Test cases like this could also be emplyed. Problems like this
would be caught before commit (or right after it ;-)).
What do you think?

often test apps can be as buggy as the code your trying to test.
coding is not really where most errors occur.
bugs typically occur where human interpretation has failed.
althou i have not investigated this line clipping bug, i guess it will not be faulty code.
but failed human interpretation of what the function is supposed to do.

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