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The attached patch does the following:

 - Adds and documents the makefile target docs-pdf under Unix. This
uses texi2pdf to generate a pdf file (useful compared to postscript
because it has hyperlinks). I don't know why not all hyperlinks work
(e.g., from install_allegro to set_uformat), but I'd suspect it's a bug
in texi2pdf (the docs say the pdf support in texinfo is "fairly

 - Adds and documents the three makefile targets docs-bzipped-ps,
install-bzipped-man, install-bzipped-info under Unix. These are like the
*gzip* targets, except uses bzip2 to do the compression (the viewers
understand this as well). Also clarifies in the documentation that these
don't work under MacOS X.

 - Adds documentation for uninstall-info and uninstall-man to the
'makefile targets' section of allegro._tx. Although install-man exists
for MaxOS X, I couldn't find uninstall-man in makefile.osx. Hence I made
the docs say 'Unix only' for uninstall-man.


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