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> You mean you pointed the Allegro joystick driver at your 
> mouse device to
> test?

Yes :)

> It loops until it can't find a joystick device, so it looks like it
> should work, assuming your joystick devices are consecutively 
> numbered.
> I've never tested it with multiple joysticks, though.

It assumes that if I have to joysticks, they'll be in consecutive
entries, starting at the first. Maybe this is a reasonnable
assumption though.

> Is the patch really necessary?  Probably it wouldn't hurt.

Well, if you have your devices in /devices, the current code would
not work. Before you say it's weird, a distro could have /dev and
/devices, the first being the traditional arrangement and the second
being the new "tree" of devices. In fact, Sorcerer GNU/Linux has
exactly that, and it's on my laptop...

> > +        set_config_file("/tmp/foo.cfg");
> :-)

Hmm. That's because of Allegro's strange behavior when reading
files - I think you can't override a system wide cfg with a local
cfg or something similar - didn't really look in detail though.
Thanks for spotting it :)

Vincent Penquerc'h 

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