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Hi everyone... !

I have been looking for a way to easily update a whole windowed screen
and could not find any "standard" way to do it until now...

To be more precise : I have a screen bitmap on which I apply a video
effect (scale2x for example, to get a smoothed double sized version of
it). So I don't call the standard blit functions on it, and the result
of course is that it's updated on screen only if it's linear, and
usually windowed bitmaps are not linear.

So with the x11 driver I can call _xwin_update_screen(0,0,w,h) and it
works perfectly well (and it's fast).
But it's not standard, and there is no equivalent in windows apparently.
If I do :
for (n=0; n<h; n++)
then it works too, but it's awfully slow compared to the direct
_xwin_update_screen call.

So is there a standard and fast solution to this simple problem ?
Sorry if I posted to the wrong list, maybe I should have used the
allegro-users list but I was not sure...

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