Re: [AD] Allegro 4.0.3rc1+ MFC, bug?

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> What I think the problem is is that allegro shouldn't declare WinMain if
> ALLEGRO_AND_MFC is defined, because MFC has it's own WinMain.

Definitely. Could you try the attached patch? Thanks in advance.

That didn't work: defining NO_MAGIC_MAIN at winalleg.h doesn't have any effect, since it's included after allegro.h

But the patch I send does work :)

It take me time to figure out at what header I should put that code.

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--- allegro/include/allegro/platform/almsvc.h.old	Sat Feb 22 13:55:26 2003
+++ allegro/include/allegro/platform/almsvc.h	Wed Mar 05 00:05:56 2003
@@ -43,6 +43,9 @@


/* describe how function prototypes look to MSVC */
#if (defined ALLEGRO_STATICLINK) || (defined ALLEGRO_SRC)

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