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> Perhaps shutdown_menu() should be called before another object closes the
> dialog, or perhaps a message should be sent to the menu object to get it
> to shut itself down?

I think that allowing the underlying dialog to keep being updated while the 
menu is activated opens a can of worms, because menus don't play nice with 
dialog objects at all. There are two different engines to operate them and I 
don't think they can be run simultaneously.

> Also, I am more than a bit concerned about the usage of yield_timeslice()
> in all dialogs where a menu is active.  If the menu is non-blocking, then
> the app may very well not be idle, despite the menu being active.  If the
> app IS active, then it should know well enough to yield timeslices.  A
> compromise would be to provide an alternate d_menu_proc() that does
> automatically yield timeslices.  Forcing it for any case where menus are
> in use seems likely to cause reduced app responsiveness.

Yes, you're probably right.

Eric Botcazou

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