Re: [AD] Imprecise MIDI timing

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On 2003-03-10, Vincent <Vincent.Penquerch@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> MIDI playback timing is somewhat screwed at home (two machines
> with 4.1.9 compiled with SIGALRM). The notes, instead of being
> played at the right time, are kinda delayed, leading to a hard
> to describe impression of... well, entropy :) Each note seems
> to be played at a time closely related to the time it should be
> played at, but with a slight gap.
> DOS plays those perfectly. So, is this something that can't be
> helped, due to the multi process nature of the beast, or maybe
> because of SIGLARM vs pthread ? Has anyone seen such behavior
> too ?

Yes.  My guess is that it's just that the timer drivers are not precise
enough under Linux, or the background thread is being bogged down by
something else (e.g. perhaps there is a palette fade, causing the entire
screen to be redrawn in X, which locks the X display, which means the
mouse cursor drawer is waiting on the lock, which means the other
background tasks are waiting on that -- I think that could happen).

Only a guess :-)


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