[AD] Another make -j2 bug

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It appears that I didn't test the full build with make -j2 on the 4.0 branch 
because it fails upon building the docs. Of course missing dependencies 
(three times the same here).

Patch applied.

Starting from now, any significant change in the build process (like when 
adding/removing a file, tweaking the dependency generating scripts and so 
on) will have to be checked against make -j2 (if the version of 'make' 
supports the option of course):

./configure --enable-strictwarn
make -j2

Eric Botcazou

Index: makefile.in
RCS file: /cvsroot/alleg/allegro/makefile.in,v
retrieving revision
diff -u -r1.25.2.8 makefile.in
--- makefile.in 31 Jan 2003 16:12:41 -0000
+++ makefile.in 16 Mar 2003 14:46:26 -0000
@@ -226,15 +226,15 @@
 docs/man/install_allegro.3: docs/src/allegro._tx $(MAKEDOC)
        $(MAKEDOC) -man docs/man/dummyname.3 $<

-AUTHORS: docs/src/thanks._tx
+AUTHORS: docs/src/thanks._tx $(MAKEDOC)
        $(MAKEDOC) -part -ascii AUTHORS $<
        cp AUTHORS docs/txt/authors.txt

-THANKS: docs/src/thanks._tx
+THANKS: docs/src/thanks._tx $(MAKEDOC)
        $(MAKEDOC) -part -ascii THANKS $<
        cp THANKS docs/txt/thanks.txt

-CHANGES: docs/src/changes._tx
+CHANGES: docs/src/changes._tx $(MAKEDOC)
        $(MAKEDOC) -ascii CHANGES $<
        cp CHANGES docs/txt/changes.txt

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