Re: [AD] non blocking menu bug

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> Yes, except that in this case, I don't have access to the menu_player,
> because it is created internally by d_menu_proc. Only the d_menu_proc
> object has access to it.

Then d_menu_proc() would need to call menu_message() upon receiving MSG_END.

> You can also see it as a memory-leak: d_menu_proc creates a menu_player,
> but doesn't destroy it upon receiving MSG_END; my patch aims at fixing
> this.

Does your patch unwind the whole hierarchy of sub-menus? If no, it doesn't 
really fix the memory leak.

> Note that the bug can be triggered any time a d_menu_proc has a menu opened 
> and an object of the same dialog returns D_EXIT...

The dialog engine is temporarily disabled when the menu engine is running; 
see the beginning of the body of update_dialog().

Eric Botcazou

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