Re: [AD] Non-FM OSS MIDI driver

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> I've only tested it with my AWE32.  If you like it, providing
> the FM synth still works (I don't have the kernel modules for
> it) and other wavetables work too, I think it could be merged
> into the 4.0 branch, since it is merely a driver upgrade.

I'd suggest to merge it now into the trunk only, in order to see whether it
has unexpected side-effects. We'll decide by the 4.0.2 release time if we
backport it.

> I've always disliked Allegro's treatment of MIDI files, it seems to
> do far too much fiddling; this driver might work better (at least
> for wavetable and external MIDI, I don't know about FM) as a
> raw MIDI device, since that's the way OSS seems to work itself.

Could you elaborate on that ? Do you think Allegro's treatment of MIDI
files is too low-level ? Would you like to see a more high-level framework ?

Eric Botcazou

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