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Eric Botcazou wrote:
So, to recap:
-s-=PROP      is now     -s-PROP
-ns (nosort)  is now     -r0 ?

Am I right ?

Yes. Options starting with '-s' now are all related to
stripping: -s0, -s1, -s2, -s-PROP. The sorting options will be '-t0' and
'-t1' if Bob agree.

Since -s -o -r -t are already taken, I really don't know where to put that one. We can always go with the french word and pick the thrid letter (-i), but that's pushing it a bit :) We could have -i for strip though, and use -s for sort, although that would break compatiblity with the old dat...

I just checked that the current "dat" uses -sr. What's wrong with that?


- Robert J Ohannessian
"Microsoft code is probably O(n^20)" (my CS prof)

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