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Jason Wilkins <fenix@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This is great, as it looks like BeOS development has been put on indefinite
> hold for me :(

I'm working on a windowed driver, which will come hopefully within
the next week, so stuff is still happening with it.  Too bad gcc
under BeOS is ssooooo sloooooowwww ...


This question is mostly for Michael:

In xwin.c, you have functions like _xwin_private_fast_palette_X_to_Y, 
where Y is a high- or truecolour depth, and _xwin_private_fast_truecolor_X_to_8.

When are these ever used?  On exotic hardware where you have 16 bit
paletted modes and 8 bit truecolour?  I just want to know because
I'm pulling a lot of stuff from the file :-)

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