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On Thu, Apr 06, 2000 at 01:07:49PM +0200, VERSTEEGH@xxxxxx wrote:
> George  wrote:
> > run a program by typing "foo", and the executable would be the
> > one in my path, not the random file called `foo' in the current
> > directory.
> But this would not be a problem. 
> The only way you could execute a program called 'foo' in the current
> directory is when the current directory is first in the path.
> (or you could explicitly call ./foo, in which case argv[0] would contain a /)

That's the point -- the modifications were first checking
whether the file named in `argv[0]' exists; if I type `foo' then
this will check for `foo' in the current directory, when the
program which was run would be in some other directory.  On
finding `foo', it wouldn't bother checking the /proc entry or
looking elsewhere in the path.  That's why I suggested checking
for slashes instead, then doing a path search; or, on Linux,
*always* doing the /proc test, and falling back to the other
methods only if that fails.


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