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This is an automated email from git. It was generated because a ref
change was pushed to the "galette/galette.git" repository.

The annotated tag, has been created
        at  715b48d961d8968b181d2147d85b48becb961067 (tag)
   tagging  a5a0fdc1d6576f297a73e0e809c46d23987fb37e (commit)
  replaces  0.9.2
 tagged by  Johan Cwiklinski
        on  Sun Jan 27 11:32:50 2019 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Johan Cwiklinski (26):
      Drop routes translations
      Fix typo
      Fix flags display on dropdowns
      Fix redirection issues on some cases; closes #1226
      Fix JS on contribution add; closes #1224
      Fix member id in dropdowns, closes #1228
      Fix some issues on templates
      Keep parent fields fields list required for JS
      Take care of selected contribution type; fix #1227
      Fix required fields editing member; closes #1230
      Rework extensions and PHP version checks; closes #1225
      Remove routes translations; refs #1223
      Chane local file name; closes #1232
      Dropdowns filtering was affecting other dropdowns; fixes #1234
      Keep doamins containing routes not translated for backward compatibility
      Last slim and zend-servicemanager
      Use variable for selector
      Use method rather than direct property access
      More information on failure
      IE8 is no longer supported at all
      Add missing line in default values; closes #1246
      Build nightly from release script
      Pear is down, use packagist to get phpcs
      Fix select width
      Update changelog
      Bump version



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