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The annotated tag, 0.9rc1 has been created
        at  a1378cd17528544845498b8331d8320b7e936e92 (tag)
   tagging  611f0d8ff724c45ff1fc6d058ca644a5a4b33425 (commit)
 tagged by  Johan Cwiklinski
        on  Sun Sep 17 19:12:17 2017 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Georges Racinet (2):
      Optionally use X-Forwarded-For in galette_logs (fixes #1031)
      Logging remote IPs in case of failed login

Guillaume Rousse (11):
      use type-dependant widgets for free query part
      allow before and after operators for date fields
      use classes instead of id to tag elements
      ensure XHTML compliance
      variable name mismatch
      use symbolic constant
      don't passe unused variable to templates
      no need for an explicit variable
      Rework access control
      ensure translation of fields categories

Johan Cwiklinski (592):
      Implement basic Slim application that handles authentication
      Display dashboard
      Make plugins menu entries not to cause errors
      Improve logo route, add photo, member, members and subscribed routes; adapt relevant templates
      Add lost password route
      Public memberslist and trombinoscope routes
      Add ending slash if missing, to get correct path to CSS, JS and images
      Undefined index
      Add groupes route
      Add contributions route
      Adaptations after rebasing
      Missing visibles fields
      Fixes after rebasing
      Add preferences route (and storage \o/)
      Remove old smarty assignments; missing logger namespace declaration
      Display custom logo in preferences
      Use Slim-Views instead of deprecated Slim-Extras, works with latest Slim release
      Fix some resources path
      Update copyright
      Fix plugins actions inclusion
      Fix some images and scripts paths
      Fix member display
      Redirect with a 403 HTTP code when user is not logged in
      Profiler run
      Move app logic out of webroot
      Add new webroot entry point
      Split routes into separate files, fix imports
      Do not load member groups and dues dependencies when displaying photo
      Set default condition on id parameter, some fixes, use routes in public pages template
      Rely on route name instead of path to find selected entries
      A bit of work on password recovery
      Restrict public pages display according to preferences
      Slim app configuration
      Add custom error handlers
      System informations
      Links to existing routes
      Charts route
      Use contributions route in main menu
      Report fix after rebase
      Fix constant
      Add plugins management route
      Indentation, comments
      Use javascripts block
      Sysninfos route needs authentication
      Move members routes in their own file
      Use routing for imple filtering
      Script not found
      Missing script tag close
      Fix galette_base_path for error pages
      Implement order, pagination and number of rows
      Add advanced search routes
      Add dispatch route for batch actions; add PDF membercard
      Add add PDF members labels
      Add logs and mailings management routes
      Begin to work on mailing route
      Add members list csv export
      Fix JS links
      Fix self-subscribe route
      Fix redirection after login
      Fix flags path if index.php is present in URL
      Improve authentication
      Fix missing ACls detection
      Remove sysinfos page that has been fully migrated to Slim
      Remove history page that has been fully migrated to Slim
      Missed image
      Add missing ACLs
      Use photo route
      Routes to edit/add members
      Move routes in their own file; remove not needed as statements
      Preferences instance is mandatory for setViewCommonFilters calls
      Adapt for globals removal in authentication
      Keep flash messages accross http redirects
      Cleanup dead code
      Add impersonating
      Bump version and compat version
      Prepare plugins system for Slim
      A bit of PSR2
      Module id is needed for plugins headers
      Pass login to plugins routes
      Browse beetween members is also available to groups managers
      Missing deps instanciating member
      Plugins actions
      Fix public pages
      Store objects in Slim (DI like) instead of passing them to each route
      Plugin without _routes file must be set as disabled
      Fix some images paths
      Maintenance and needs update pages
      Superadmin dfo not have 'me', redirecto to slash. Fix typo.
      Fix impersonating; keep flash messages accross redirect; fix route call
      Link to user profile; allow group managers to display dashboard
      Ensure members can unimpersonte
      Fix some resources path
      Replace some "voir_adherent.php" links
      Fix some warnings editing members
      Fix images path
      Filter and order contributions, transactions list
      Tryo to no longer rely on SmartyBC
      Adaptations for Slim3 (WIP)
      Add missing dependency
      Slim3 compat
      Translated route :)
      Slim3 Fixes
      Fix resources path; some more Slim3 stuff
      Fix session issue, fix pdf cards and labels routes
      Slim3 form member form
      Port reminders
      Port exports
      Add import and export routes; fix session, DI
      Fix menu and desktop links
      Add PDF models routes
      Add titles routes
      Add routes for texts
      Fix plugins resources route
      Add transaction adeit/Add routes; bunch of globals removal
      Begin contribution add/edit routes
      Minor fixes, remove files that has been migrated already
      Fix child display
      Drop migrated file, fix php7 compat, fix login not instanciated
      Update vendors
      Fix mailing cancel, cleanup
      Attendance sheet routes
      Fix memberlist csv export
      Fix FieldsConfig warnings
      Migrate statuses and contributions types management routes
      Drop unused param
      Fix plugins resource route
      Begin dynamic translations routes
      Drop some globals
      Some vars were assigned twice
      Fix PdfModels constructor calls
      Backport changes after rebasing
      Inject db instance into Adherent object
      Fix missing database DI
      Fix subroute assignation
      Externalize contributions and transactions filtering; factorize filter routes
      Do not store filters from ajax mode; fix some routes
      Attach and detach contributions from transactions
      Contributions and transactions removal
      Rework membership fee and donation
      Store contributions WIP
      Fix public menus loading from plugins
      Load groups via ajax, export groups list as PDF
      Missing dependant file
      Add groups
      Handle groups removal and confirmation
      Handle groups edition
      Add ajax call to remove groups
      Coding standards
      Cascade remove subgroups
      Drop useless file; add logout on disconnect
      Coding standards
      Redirect on right URL trying to edit page without ACLs
      Minor changes
      Db object must be passed back to Login after deserialization
      Fix impersonating
      A try to get flash messages persist after multiple redirections
      Login constructor has changed
      Add a __() function
      Add apigen config file
      Add member id in cards route
      Rework contributions add/Edit route
      Limit possible members creating a new contrib from a transaction
      Add domain support in translations
      Make sure tranlsation stuff in instanciated after database
      Fix log file path
      Fix single quoted with domains regex, add some routes translations
      Drop old login instanciation
      Do not append "not translated" on date formats!
      Method signature has changed
      Fix CSV import call
      Add translations on some routes
      Fix Plugins object after rebase
      Update main translations files
      New style dependencies
      Composer must be run where composer.lock stands
      Travis does not know about pushd
      Change interpreter
      Try without no-dev
      Set PHP 5.5 as minimal required version
      Update to latest smarty-view
      Fix i18n tests
      Small hack to fix install tests
      Missing use
      Fix plugins tests
      Fix preferences tests
      Fix missing release date in plugin
      atoum does not work in php nightly
      Add ci status
      Drop not required dependencies
      Pimp travis config
      Update translations
      Migrate pdf adhesion form
      Cannot set -n mode on the channel :/
      Update translations
      Single member removal
      Translatable routes
      Coding standards
      Coding standards
      Coding standards
      Factorize JS removal script
      Get email from parent
      Fix translation function call
      Fix CSV export route
      Change link for contributions list from members list
      Add contribution on new member
      Routes and routes parts translations
      -n mode has been set on channel
      catalog should have been named domain
      Update translations
      Add contribution, two steps removal for contributions
      Use same route name as others
      Enable autmated CS check for some parts
      phpcs not found
      Missing CS rules file...
      Fix tests
      Run CS on the whole lib directory
      Test insert update and delete Db methods
      Fix tests
      Fix datatype with postgres
      Update vendors
      Test Db::selectAll
      Enable router cache when not in DEV mode
      Cleanup, use logger parameters defined in app configuration
      zend-stdlib requires php 5.6; back to 3.0.x
      Some fixes
      Drop a global; refs #414, fix call
      Improve FieldsConfig tests
      Add PasswordImage tests
      Test PasswordImage::getImage and PasswordImage::cleanExpired
      No longer require mcrypt
      Rework installer
      Fix CS
      Add AbstractPassword class
      Remove globals on Password; refs #414
      Fix Password tests
      Improve Password tests
      Fix CS and UT
      Unit tests: fix for Postgres
      Fix CS
      Add UT on CheckModules
      Fix CS (typo)
      Fix UT: quoting is different between pg and maria
      Use setters
      Tests on various exceptions
      Test Db::execute()
      Test I18n::getArrayList()
      Migrate fields configuration
      Begin to migrate dynamic fields configuration
      Migrate dynamic translations edition
      Fix undefined variable
      Move and delete dynamic fields
      Add dynamic fields
      Add magic method to store Db in session
      Handle member edition errors, keep data when displaying form back
      Typo, fix URL
      Test Db serialization
      Public pages filtering
      Add print logo, improve checks on picture display from public pages and groups managers
      Review logs instanciation; cleanup
      Store dynamic translation on dynamic field add
      Fix namespace
      Change log message level
      Update translations
      Reword some config menu labels
      Use translations domains for plugins
      Tune warning box title
      Handle plugins routes translations
      Add filtering on history entries
      Fix pagination for contributiosn and transactions, fix order by id on memberslist
      Add filtering on mailings management
      Remove emailings
      Mailing preview
      Add two steps removal for import/export files
      Drop not needed parameter
      Add two steps removal on titles
      Add two steps removal on statuses and contributions types
      Fix PDF models
      Fix preference call, fix pdf models
      Update translations
      Fix history filtering
      Add two steps removal on logs flushing
      Add tests on history
      No need to implement serializable since it is now handled in Db object
      Fix impersonnating log entry
      Drop no longer needed method
      Add unit tests on login
      Display member age along with birthdate
      Dynamic display age on member form
      Order history by date desc per default, fix public page logout link
      Cleanup, fix redirection
      Fix type detection
      Add donation from transaction
      Merge branch 'hotfix/' into develop
      Fix merge :/
      Update changelog from stable
      Merge branch 'hotfix/' into develop
      Add filtering from reminders
      Missed flash messages
      Update photo drag&drop
      Cleanup, fix notice on member update
      Empty birthdate is not a bad date
      Ensure contibution type is properly set
      Expecting null getting improbable date... fixes #902
      Add donation or fee from contribs list
      Work on reminders
      Update translations
      Begin to migrate plugins install
      Centralize contirubtion type change
      Use parent email in PDF groups
      Update 3rd party libs
      Tests on 7.1 and nighly
      Tests on 7.1 and nighly; 5.5 is EOL
      Add atoum patch for php 7.1.+
      Improve composer.json
      Try to run CS only once
      Coverage has not been ran... Another test
      Another try
      Maybe php version is not what I was expected
      Fix URLs
      Missed file for plugins installation
      Migrate retrieve password
      Fix redirection for admin
      Fix redirection when not authenticated
      Migrate password retrieval
      Lost password as admin from member card
      Fix PDF error displaying and redirection; cleanup a bit
      Member card display have been migrated
      Update transifex config, add zanata config
      Migrate print contributions
      Fix links
      Migrate groups selection from member card
      Reflect API docs changes
      Rewrite dynamic fields display to avoir notices
      Rewrite dynamic fields edition to avoir notices; factorize a bit
      Fix error display editing member
      Update translations
      Migrate ajax members selection
      Fix old URL
      Fix JS group id
      URL has never existed
      Fix ajax selection validation on mailing
      Attendance sheet when JS is disabled
      Add two steps removal on members mass deletion
      Fix dynamic file upload, migrate its display
      Update translations
      Fix two step removel on transactions
      Fix notices on removal
      Fix member mass removal
      Fix message when mass deleting one member
      Installer was not part of translations
      Tell member he is using latest version, add a quit button
      Warn user when choosing "install" with an existing config file
      Fix redirection from old installer
      Fix third party libs paths
      Fix redirection and some other issue
      Update atoum to version 3.0
      Fix transaction removal
      Fix CS
      Override error handlers to log everything even if errors are displayed
      Use a template to display errors
      Add 404 handler
      Fix notice from smarty
      Drop development output
      Fix new member default picture
      Fix typos
      Fix static resources path
      Add plugin info page (on plugin main route)
      Drop trailing slash
      Add link to plugin info page from plugins management
      Generate fake members and their contributions
      Add fake data form, route and menu entry
      Generate members photos
      Move compatibility tests page to webroot
      Drop migrated scripts
      Add a route for plugins activation/deactivation
      Remove old picture.php
      Reimplement "need update" and maintainance mode
      Fix fake contributions with no transaction
      Drop some other migrated scripts
      Use existing handlers instead of just headers
      Rename w and h properties that are already used in TCPDF
      Another bunch of dead files
      Use notFound handelr instead of just 404
      Do not redirect to get flash messages displayed
      Fix ACLs for member to see its own contributions and adhesion form
      Fix self subscription
      Public pages have been migrated
      Password should not be required editing member
      Use separate route for mailing send; this fix messages display
      Fix message and redirection when mail are sent
      Allow unsecure SMTP connection on some cases
      Add allow unsecure in preferences; fixes #1020
      Check for allow_url_fopen loading news
      Test news loading with and without allow_url_fopen
      Add test on news caching
      Implement CSS repsonsive menu
      Fix undefined index
      Fix history calls
      Fix exports messages and links
      Add JS part on two steps removal for import files
      Prevent partial import by using transaction
      Check for status in dry-run import; fixes #999
      Check for email duplicity at import; fixes #729
      Add town autocompletion; refs #1005
      Autocomplete birthplace as well; refs #1005
      Autocomplete countries; closes #1005
      Replace Zend1 method
      Login with email; closes #919
      Permit to override Galette URL (with reverse proxy for example); closes #997
      Fix some issues on self subscribing
      Fix missing or bad parameters
      Redirect on requested page after login
      Fix texts management UI
      Update mailing lists links
      Translate recipient name; fixes #673
      Duplicate checkall/checkinvert capabilities at the top of the list as well; fixes #795
      Fix issues on install/update plugins database
      Drop duplicate line
      Fix some groupmanager ACls
      Missing parent ID when a group manager edit a group; fixes #990
      Fix colspan displaying list from non staff member
      Add attachments preview from stored mailing; fixes #735
      Handle empty router (no router from installer)
      Make sure a lang is loaded; to prevent routes to fail
      Make sure lang is properly instanciated from installer too
      Fix retrieve password route
      Update translations
      Test email from preferences; closes #588
      Add popup to change adress; refs #588
      Update translations
      Do not redirect to contribution creation on self subscribe
      Do not list groups infos on members list; fixes #687
      Add behivior dist file; fixes #1011
      Display a warning if display_error is set to true; refs #1011
      Move buttons on member card on top; take care of mobile view
      Some more mobile view
      Add mobile mode; fixes #485
      Change button text
      Fix member own card edition
      Fix language change redirection
      Fix parent attachment
      Add tests on members repository
      Do not trim or stripslashes on booleans to keep real booleans
      Update faker to dev-master, to solve php 7.1 issues; adapt tests
      Fix unit tests on php 7.2
      each() is deprecated in php 7.2
      Replace all each() calls
      Update 3rd party libs
      Begin tests on Adherent object
      Missing phpdoc
      Some more test on Adherent
      Fix id status not integer
      Add test on password
      Continue Adherent testing
      has_picture should defaults to false
      Test virtuals
      add a tearDown() on Db tests
      During tests, there may be no query available
      Try to avoid too many levels on __get()
      Test login as user and superadmin
      Try to fix birthdate from faker
      Drop status unicity.
      Rename method; add missing method in Transaction object
      Real fix for birthdate in UT
      Add tests on checking with errors
      Test getList with specific fields
      getPublicList second argument is useless; removing
      Make methods independant
      Test public list; do not generate contributions here
      Make sure has_picture is set on photo add and removal
      Fix has_picture
      id_adh must be declared in fields list
      Drop duplicate email in faker data; fix tests
      Drop debug code
      Fix bad variable on install
      Use local image instead of lorempixel for UT to prevent timeouts
      Reorder groups; cleanup
      Issue with logo width
      Fix notice
      Test CS fix
      Fix CS
      Accept filenames with only one char; fixes #1028
      Fix UT on PHP 5.6
      Do not store form url saving prefs; fixes #1027
      Add labels to radio, use existing translations for booleans
      Same operators for core's dates
      Use real dates in filters; take care of postgres
      Fix notice on first choice dynamic field edition
      Drop event to prevent ajax suprises
      Fix datepicker on dynamic fields
      Fix CS
      Drop global, inject Db
      Rework dynamic fields; now handled from their parent objects
      Fix CS
      Fix edit transaction template
      Fix contribution form URL
      Do not limit password change to 20 chars
      Handle parent fields requirements storing member
      Begin to test contributions
      Fix Contribution tests dates
      Instanciate missing data if needed
      Test contribution end date
      Check for overlapping fee in global checks
      Do not store contribution if there are errors
      Test overlapping
      Check if status are already installed
      Check if status are already installed everywher, check contrib types as well
      Ensure test data are remove after test
      Minor fixes
      Test setters
      Few more tests on contribution
      Drop data after each tests; test load
      Test contribution removal
      Parent is not a standard field; fixes #1033
      Fix tests
      Fix data type
      Test config storage results
      Fix lost password icon on index
      Test logFroCron, trigger an error instead of simply die
      Drop extra char
      Fix dynamic fields retrieval on advanced search page
      Fix search on dynamic fields
      Fix dynamic fields translation
      Display message trying to remove an non existing dynamic field
      Handle new member dynamic fields for adhesion PDF form
      Prevent empty PDF form url
      Fix undefined variable
      Disable routing cache until it's correctly handled
      Fix attendance sheet
      Use realpath for pictures file_path
      Add unit tests for logo and print logo
      Fix logo on pdf cards
      Update locales
      Adaptations for inheritance
      Catch non existing member
      Store plugins module infos in DI manager
      Improve picture checks
      Rename TEMPLATE constants to more accurate THEME
      Rename constants in tests as well
      Constants not renamed in tests...
      Update 3rd party libs
      Patch for Zend-db PHP 7.2 compatibility
      Use only session middleware
      Add Galette version in session name; fixes #315
      Add GALETTE_TIMEOUT to set session duration; fixes #500
      Use same text for all mandatory missing
      Check for group manager in an array of groups id
      Fix image size; add unit test on it
      Fix translation issue when login
      Handle locale instantiation from I18n object
      Update locales
      Make sure plugins autoloaders are registered before session starts
      Missing translation in path calls
      Plugins::loadModules() signature has changed
      Handle namespaces and filters in repository object
      Update patch for Zend-db PHP 7.2 compatibility
      Fix reminders; fixes #1046
      Update 3rd party libs
      Fix member detachment
      Fix id_adh display from preferences
      Fix parent attachment
      Ensure boolean false is returned correctly from postgres
      Enable PHP 7.2
      Update locales
      Fix redirection when installed in a sub directory
      Upgrade release script to handle libs from composer
      Initialize session for installer
      Fix install scripts path
      Fix models initialization
      Update 3rd party libs
      Add missing changes
      Set 5.6 as minimal PHP version
      Bump version
      Update changelog
      Drop old autoload commented

Joël Gaujard (1):
      Omit Mac OS files : .DS_Store



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