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This is an automated email from git. It was enerated because a ref
change was pushed to the repository "galette/galette.git".

The annotated tag, 0.7.8 has been created
        at  f2f2e6886a76b4069321661e19c1d12fa6a0bc4f (tag)
   tagging  5f475467424d0a8305ca174c55c81039c4a78bcb (commit)
  replaces  0.7.7
 tagged by  Johan Cwiklinski
        on  Sat Dec 21 23:43:46 2013 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
0.7.8: Roland sponsored!

Johan Cwiklinski (11):
      Merge branch 'release/0.7.7' into develop
      Initialize GALETTE_LOG_LVL for tests also
      Align comments
      Add release date for plugins; fixes #544
      Review public part for plugins; fixes #635
      Bump version
      Update unit tests to take care of plugin date
      Prevent mutliple executions at the same time of atoum
      Update changelog
      SQLite does not like boolean false; fixes #755
      Merge branch 'release/0.7.8'



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