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It's finally done, Cairo/GLX-Dock 2.4 is released!

We wanted to have a minor version (2.3.1) but it's really hard to say
"Now, we stop to add new functionalities"! :-)

So... what's new in this new version? The main changes:
 * The Power-Manager applet has been rewritten to work on any platform.
 * A new Help applet has been added to help our beloved users :-)
 * Integration in the XFCE desktop has been improved.
 * Several new DBus methods gives you the possibility to interact on the
dock more easily.
 * The dock can now be used in a Compiz-standalone environment.
 * Let your dock dance thanks to the new Impulse applet! Have a look at
this new applet, it's fun (but useless?) ;-)

But also a lot of improvements and fixed bugs.
About the core:
 * The dock tries to use applications' '.desktop' files: Unity
quicklists are supported and themes have been updated in order to use a
similar application if the default one is unavailable.
 * Added an entry on your desktop manager (GDM, LightDM, etc.) in order
to launch a Gnome session with Cairo-Dock as a panel. This option is
enable in Ubuntu Oneiric: you can open a Gnome session without Unity or
the Gnome-Panel.
 * It's now a bit easier to create a new dock.
 * A better integration with Window Managers (e.g. the dock tries to use
Scale effects of Compiz 0.8 and 0.9 or Kwin).
 * The icons in Cairo-Dock menus are now forced.
 * Gauge and graph drawing has been improved and a few options have been
added just like some new themes on our server.
 * The default theme has been updated.
 * The launch of the dock should be faster

About our plug-ins:
 * A new view for desklet-rendering has been added: Panel.
 * Output messages at the compilation have been added and improved.
 * Messaging Menu applet now works fine on Ubuntu Oneiric (and Natty).
 * Status-Notifer now works on Ubuntu Oneiric, KDE4 and any other
environment by using a custom watcher.
 * Composite-Manager replaces Compiz-Icon with more options for other
Window Managers.
 * The support of Gnome 3 tools has been improved.
 * Logout now works when no session-manager is present or if the
desktop-manager is not supported.
 * MusicPlayer applet supports MPRIS2.
 * PowerManager can be hidden if the battery is not used.
 * An option has been added to have a background colour on the icon when
it's always visible.
 * Gauge can be used with AlsaMixer applet (many themes are available).
 * The menu of Clipper has been improved.

About our third-party applets:
 * These applets can now be translated.
 * A few new applets are available! Simply have a look there:

If you want to install this new version, the tarballs are available
 * Core:
  - MD5: 5c195e5999d9cbbdeee3851adf555a05
  - Signature:
 * Plug-ins:
  - MD5: e239c5ac949ac1ad50f48eca07420edc
  - Signature:

For Ubuntu users: our repository and ppa have been updated. If you want
to use our ppa, simply launch these commands:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cairo-dock-team
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install cairo-dock cairo-dock-plug-ins

For Debian users: our repository will be updated asap!

For all other: please have a look there:

Note that if you like this work, don't hesitate to help us by reporting
bugs, by donating with Paypal or Flattr, by translating the dock, by
proposing new themes or new patches, by proposing new ideas, by posting
an article on your blog, or simply by giving to us a little comments on
our forum ;)
More information: http://glx-dock.org/ww_page.php?p=How%20to%20help%

And if you want to follow us, there are a few ways (a new mailing list
has been opened!): http://glx-dock.org/ww_page.php?p=Follow%20Us&lang=en

Thank you to all contributors!

The Cairo-Dock team.

A screenshot: (low resolution)
(better resolution)

A screencast with a few annotations:

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