[chrony-users] Nanosecond precision with refclock SOCK

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I have implemented refclock SOCK for a project I'm working on. In my case, I am getting samples from a PHC, so I have a system time with nanosecond precision (from PTP_SYS_OFFSET*). But refclock SOCK uses struct timeval, which is in microseconds. I looked at the refclock_sock servo in linuxptp 4.x, and that just discards away the fraction of the microsecond.  But that's not very satisfying and makes chronyc give misleading information about the accuracy of the offset.

I'm wondering if I can just adjust the offset by the fraction of the microsecond. But I think there will be edge cases around leap seconds, and, if that's the right thing to do, why doesn't the refclock_sock servo do it?


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