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Why would you use ntptime with chrony? They are different processes, and there
is no reason that chrony would impliment ntptime. ntptime is now about 40
years old. Why would you want to use it?

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On Wed, 3 Jan 2024, chengyechun wrote:

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Hi all

If chronyd is used as the local clock source, ntptime does not seem to work properly,
because of chrony's design or what configuration can control?

The following is the local configuration.

chronyd -p:


driftfile /var/lib/chrony/drift

makestep 1.0 3


allow all

local stratum 10

ntsdumpdir /var/lib/chrony

logdir /var/log/chrony


ntptime command output:

ntp_gettime() returns code 5 (ERROR)

  time e93f3fcd.1f79d000  Wed, Jan  3 2024 10:07:09.122, (.122952),

  maximum error 16000000 us, estimated error 16000000 us, TAI offset 0

ntp_adjtime() returns code 5 (ERROR)

  modes 0x0 (),

  offset 0.000 us, frequency 0.000 ppm, interval 1 s,

  maximum error 16000000 us, estimated error 16000000 us,

  status 0x40 (UNSYNC),

  time constant 3, precision 1.000 us, tolerance 500 ppm,

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