[chrony-users] Improvement request: network status should not affect chronyc

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I have an improvement request for chronyc, more precisely its sources command. I call "chronyc sources" via popen() from a C program to determine if the system time can be considered synchronized or not.

Unfortunately, if the network cable is disconnected, it takes about ~ 15 seconds for "chronyc sources" to complete. The initial connection to chronyd takes place immediately, also the header of the commands' output is print immediately. But then there is a very long delay till the line with the NTP server status is printed.

This means that the disconnected network cable has a non-negligible negative effect on the command line interface (CLI), although chronyd and chronyc run on the same host.

It would be nice if the network status would not affect chronyc, i.e., chronyc completes promptly.


Franz Hollerer

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