[chrony-users] DNS/DKIM issue with tuxfamily.org?

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Emails that I receive from tuxfamily.org for this group are being blocked by my organization, reportedly for security because of a failed DKIM lookup. My sysadmin indicated that the DKIM in DNS would need to be fixed. I tried sending an email to the tuxfamily.org admin a while back but got no response. I probably won't receive the responses to this if you respond to the group. Perhaps you can reply to me directly. I do apologize for this being off topic. I'd like to continue receiving these emails but can't if this DKIM issue isn't addressed. If any of you are able to look into this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Happy Holidays!

Joe Smith

Senior Software Engineer

Phoenix Defense

200 East Palm Valley Drive | Suite 2000 | Oviedo, Florida 32765


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