[chrony-users] How to Delay Chrony Start Until After PPS Device Attached

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Good Evening,

I'm pulling a 1PPS signal into my system over a USB to Serial device's
DCD pin; I don't have a typical RS232 port available. In order to fire
up the PPS line discipline on startup and to create a relably named
symlink to the created /dev/pps* (of which there are multiple
generated by PTP also) I'm using a combination of UDEV rules and a
pps_setup@.service service file. In my chrony.conf I'm giving it an
entry that looks for the PPS signal at the reliably named symlink (eg.
/dev/my_pps). The problem I'm running into now is that this device
isn't ready on startup before Chrony is started and therefore Chrony
is choking, so my hope is that some of you all have run into a similar
setup before and have recommendations on how to proceed? Is it
possible for me to set a couple second delay in starting Chrony to
give the device time to be available? Is there a way to make Chrony
not die and rather keep retrying to connect while continuing to use
other time sources in the interim? This would be ideal in case for
some reason the device never became available, such as being
accidentally unplugged.


Josh Q

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