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No, I still have them in the current config just to be able to compare
the router's time obtained from a local GPS receiver with the "official"
public servers.

Daniel's config solved the problem. As written in my repsonse to him I
am not fully sure but think that removing "maxupdateskew" and/or adding
"lock_all" was required.

This is how it performs now:

Reference ID    : C0A80169 (
Stratum         : 2
Ref time (UTC)  : Sun Jun 11 12:58:36 2023
System time     : 0.000004878 seconds fast of NTP time
Last offset     : +0.000003139 seconds
RMS offset      : 0.031393699 seconds
Frequency       : 12.751 ppm slow
Residual freq   : +0.004 ppm
Skew            : 0..320 ppm
Root delay      : 0.000215490 seconds
Root dispersion : 0.000076247 seconds
Update interval : 30.3 seconds
Leap status     : Normal

Bob McDonald schrieb am 11.06.23 um 14:54:
Does the noselect clause on the config statements for the servers have
anything to do with it?

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