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Invariably there are people who have to setup an NTP time synchronization system
for their company, and they have to make a test plan.  Usually that test plan includes
configuring everything correctly and watching it sync, then yank the time reference
by a big offset and expecting the clients to follow the leader.

I have seen the same discussion on mailinglists or newsgroups about ntpd.
It is always the same thing: rather than realizing that their test plan was wrong
(which is probably difficult because it was approved before), they continue tweaking
the system to make it perform in the way that was written in the test plan.
Which is then inferior to how it would have performed with the default settings.

It is sad, but what can be done about it?  Maybe a "standard test plan" should be written?


On 11/7/22 09:00, Miroslav Lichvar wrote:
> If you intentionally set your clock to wrong time to see if chronyd
> can bring it back, you need to allow the step to happen.

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