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As part of our requirements as a trading business, we need to record a lot of data about timing, and report on it if it is out of specification.


The CAT standard that governs trading companies specifies that we have to log every synchronization event, the result, and report if we are more than 50ms out of spec.


We have been doing that by parsing local logs, which works fine but scales terribly.


We purchased a grandmaster which among other things uses the self-reported data in PTP and NTP packets from all clients, and logs that in a central place, which makes it the perfect place to pull our compliance info from.


While testing, we noticed that Chrony is zeroing out all that data, which means we can’t do that. It definitely seems deliberate.


Even if I disable this code, I find that the reported data in the NTP packets does not seem to match the data logged in tracking.log/measurements.log.


Could someone help me understand the goal of this data deletion? 



Ntp_core.c , line 1096, codebase 4.3 .


if (my_mode == MODE_CLIENT) {

    /* Don't reveal local time or state of the clock in client packets */

    precision = 32;

    leap_status = our_stratum = our_ref_id = 0;

    our_root_delay = our_root_dispersion = 0.0;







Mark Notarus

Sumo Capital Group – Tech Services team




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