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Trying to diagnose issues or misunderstanding with using the "maxchange" option in the config file. I want to use "maxchange 1000 start ignore" to quit if the time offset is more than 1000s.

When trying to use the other two parameters however, it seems that setting start to anything other than 0 will cause to never chrony to never exit. Doing some debugging, the value used for "offset" in the comparison to the offset parameter in "maxchange" drops to a few milliseconds after the first clock cycle even though the system time is still ~2000s off the source time.

Am I misunderstanding how maxchange is supposed to be used? Setting ignore does not show the same results and the offset value stays at the offset between source time and system time and chrony exits after the specified number of ignore clock cycles have passed.

Thanks for any clarification.

Emory Nolte
Systems Engineer, Assoc

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