Re: [chrony-users] chronyd.service slow start on boot?

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On Mon, Oct 11, 2021 at 11:56:50AM -0000, a58bf2b4-3c17-40c6-8709-d1b882bdbfb3@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > That is expected. With the -s option chronyd reads the RTC 8x on start
> > to make the initial correction of the system clock. If you don't need
> > that (e.g. you have a network connection most of the time), you can
> > remove the option.
> Thanks for the explanation.
> This is more of a systemd question, but as the unit provided in Arch is of Type=forking, I'm assuming the longer boot times are irrelevant for the rest of the boot process. Quoting from systemd manual:

I'm no systemd expert. I think it depends on what other services are
enabled and their dependencies. If there is nothing else taking so
long to start as chronyd -s, the multi-user target needs to wait for
chronyd and it will be reported as being in the critical chain.

Is the -s option enabled by default on Arch or have you enabled it

Miroslav Lichvar

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