Re: [chrony-users] chrony startup marks all sources as falseticker

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On 06/04/2021 09:11, Miroslav Lichvar wrote:
On Fri, Apr 02, 2021 at 03:33:26PM +0100, Alan Young wrote:
 MS Name/IP address         Stratum Poll Reach LastRx Last sample
 ^x               2   6     0   18h  -18717d[-18717d] +/-   60ms
 ^x                 2   6     0   18h  -18717d[-18717d] +/-   66ms
 ^x                4   6     0   18h  -18717d[-18717d] +/- 1115us
 ^x                4   6     0   18h  -18717d[-18717d] +/- 2394us

   Any idea what is going on here and anything I can do to avoid and/or
   correct the situation?
It looks like its two vs two servers. There is no majority that could
be reached. You can try adding a third public server, so it's three vs
two, or mark one (or both) of two public server with the "trust"
option, so they can override the internal servers.

Thanks for the reply.

Is it really the case that there is no majority? It looks to me like all 4 servers say the same thing. It is just that they have all been marked as falsetickers.

It seems like there should be a way of clearing the falseticker flags and re-evaluating things, especially when stuck in startup mode.


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