[chrony-users] Indication / notification that chrony is synched with an ntp source successfully using chronyc

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Hi all

We are having an embedded system with linux running on it. The device has several interfaces to go online (e.g. ethernet ports or a modem). So it could take quite a while until the device has an internet connection. Also we have to start some daemons at startup of the system to bring the device online.

We configured chrony to do a step, if the difference between the system clock and the ntp-time is greater than 1 second, but only for the first three synchronizations:
makestep 1.0 3

If we understood it correctly, we don't have to expect another time step when this 3 synchronizations have been done successfully - is that corrrect?
At this point we then would restart all the daemons to ensure the time step did not lead to any malfunctions in these daemons.

Is it somehow possible to know from outside (e.g. using chronyc or reading log files, etc) when chrony has done with these 3 first synchronozations? We didn't see an onbvious possibility using chronyc to gather such an information.

Best Regards & many thanks in advance for your help

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